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Our Mission:

 Car Advisor is your essential website to help you purchase a new or used car. We encourage users to evaluate the opinions of previous car owners through our review section. We value every car owner’s opinion. There is a 5 star personal rating system for users to assess their experience with previous or current cars. This allows for other users to view a visual representation of what the majority of owners and enthusiasts think about each specific car.
Our official Car Advisor review offers an in-depth analysis that is informative. This lets users see beyond public opinion to get a detailed and factual idea of how the cars are built and how they perform.
Our public forums allow all car enthusiasts to discuss anything car related. We encourage users worldwide to join in on the automotive discussions.
We provide links to New Zealand’s car financiers, insurers and dealers. We also provide a plethora of information, such as how to maintain your car, with the option for users to post and discuss their own ideas on the maintenance of cars.
 We look forward to the future advancement in the automotive industry and hope to be the pivotal site for all car reviews and discussion.
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